Monday, February 22, 2010

Vegas, baby!


This Thursday, Brian and I will be on a plane heading to Sin City. And boy are we excited! Kim, Chase, and Sissy (Kerry) will also be meeting us, which I am so excited. Why Las Vegas? Well because Garth Brooks signed a 5 year contract with Wynn Resort to perform so many shows a year. Once hearing Garth (we are on first name basis because he is an OKIE and I am too) was coming out of retirement, I knew I had to go. I mean this was my last chance, right? I waited for almost four hours for tickets and I was one of the lucky ones to actually get tickets! Over 2 million people tried to get tickets. People at work tell me I have my priorities all wrong because who goes to see a country music star in Las Vegas? Why else would I go? We all know Brian and I will not gamble more than 20 bucks. We will complain that the food is too expensive and the drinks are too high. But then again we are in Vegas...maybe we can splurge a little?

Once purchasing my tickets it was MANDATORY that I have cowboy boots. These have become a part of my causal Friday attire.


Once these tickets were purchased there was no plan of "baby talk". But to our surprise, BOTH Kim and Sissy are expecting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its prenatal massages for us, manicures and pedicures. Hey! I'll take a relaxing weekend anytime.

Kim is due October 3 (which is the day she got married).
Sissy is due July 18(which will be miserably hot).

I am so excited to be an aunt...just wish I didn't live so far away!