Thursday, May 21, 2015

A day in the life of baby E

This past weekend I was away on a much needed girls trip.
Luckily for us, Amma was able to come visit while I was gone. 
It seems like they had a great time. 

Amma teaching E how to make homemade pasta. 
So good!

The struggle is real when it comes to hats. 
Elliott refuses to EVER wear one.
After many attempts, he seems to like this big floppy hat. 
I realize it is kind of girly, but he totally rocks it.

I do not have a green thumb. 
All my plants die. Always.
This is our 6th attempt planting flowers.
Let's see if these poor things make through the summer.

This is E giving Amma a pat on the back. 
He tends to pat you on the back when you hold him. 
I believe this is his way of saying, "you're doing a good job."

His cuteness kills me. 
I just love him so much.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Sick Day

The last two times we have secured a babysitter,
it seems as though E comes down with a stomach bug.
It's one of the many times we wish we had family near.
Naturally, this past Saturday it happened again. 
We should have seen the writing on the wall
 when all he wanted to do was be held.
He is not a cuddly baby. 
Although, we hate him being sick, we did enjoy
the snuggling and napping on our chest.

I captured this from our bedroom. 
It is not great quality, but it was picture that had to be taken.
So sweet.

This was followed by vomiting EVERYWHERE ( multiple times all over me).
and a fever. 
I'll just say, our floors have never been so clean. ;) 
It was a rough 24 hours for our little guy,
but I am happy to announce he is so much better.

We finally were able to enjoy the OKC Spring like weather. 

We celebrated with a pizza party outside.

And this is what Charlie thought about us not
sharing our pizza.

Side note: Elliott totally sat down to watch Charlie do his "business". 
It was too funny not to capture it. 

Here's to hoping for a full recovery and a date night soon.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Sundance and the nursing mom.

This past week I had my first girls trip since having baby E. 
It would be a lie to describe my trip as: relaxing, restful and/or peaceful.
It was anything but that...and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

After a two year hiatus (she had a baby and then I had a baby),
The dynamic duo were back together. 
We hit the streets of Park City, Utah for Sundance 2015. 
It was exciting, crazy, exhausting to say the least. 
I just realized, I have chocolate in my teeth. Why? Because I had
Chocolate for breakfast. 

This year was different than any other year for a couple of reasons:
First, it was just the two of us.
 No husbands, which was nice because we had no time for their long lectures of how inappropriate we behave and how they will not bail us out of jail.   
Second, I had to stop every four hours and pump. 
This meant pumping wherever...the town lift bathroom, the box office and a few
(lucky) times in our hotel room.
For my first pumping session, I landed in the town lift bathroom.
On my way to the restroom, I just so happened to pass Adrian Grenier. 
Whom I high-fived on my way into the restroom.
Because why not?
Adrian Grenier:
 Best known for his role in Entourage and Devil Wears Prada.

It wasn't until I got into the stall, got everything unpacked, that I realized I did not have
all my pieces for my double pump. 
This meant pumping one at a time.
Double the time.
I died. 
I had to make the best of a shitty situation (no pun intended), I found
this experience hilarious. 
It was a 3 person stall,
we were up close and personal...on levels that I did not want to be.
Let me set the scene:
Young girls walk in chatting about who knows what.
Both sit down to use the restroom.
It is important to add that I choose to use the middle stall.
Girls still talking to each other.
Finally, "what's that noise?"
For those pumpers out there, you know a pump when you hear one.
Whomp, whomp, whomp... 
I giggle inside and inform them I am pumping.
No response.

My favorite story is the old lady (I assume, I couldn't see her), whom sat down in
the stall next to me. I guess, technically, everyone sat down next to me. 
She was doing her business, when she says, "is that a breast pump I hear?"
I laugh and say, yes.
We continue with our stall to stall conversation.
All the while doing her business.
Here is what I learned:
1. Her daughter was currently pumping.
2. She knows that sound anywhere.
3. She had to use a manual pump.
4. It took forever.
5. "Technology these days."
6. Price of different pumps.
7. You are doing a great thing for your baby.
Just to name a few.

We ended our conversation and I told her to tell her daughter to keep up the good work.

I don't even know how to start this next story other than to just come out and say it.
As women, for some reason, when we need "to go" to the bathroom
we always hope no one is in there. 
At least I do.
And if there is, we tend to wait for a "flush", "hand dryer" or for that person to leave.
Sadly, I was camped out (middle stall..dumb) in the restroom for 30 minutes.  
No one was getting away from me. 
Or I wasn't getting away from anyone, depending on how you see it.
That's a long time to hold anything "in" when you're sitting on the toilet. 
Once she let it out, I'm sure she was embarrassed, but relieved.
At least she got to leave.
 It was at that point, I felt like a cow.
Stuck in a stall being milked, 
surrounded by shit.
Motherhood at its finest. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

What day is it?

Can someone please stop time?
Elliott is almost 11 months old.
I haven't even started planning his first birthday.
Most of my new mom friends have been planning their kids 1st birthdays from the moment 
they arrived.
I'm over here like, 'should I do a white or chocolate cake' for his first cake experience.
Cake is one of my favorite food groups.
I can't take this too lightly. 
This will affect him for the rest of his life. 
Tough parenting decisions are going on here. 
Maybe I should take it to a vote?
What do you think? Chocolate or White?
Chocolate it is...thanks for the help.
Then it's on to icing....light and fluffy or thick and dense. 
Too many decisions....too many.

I've been a terrible blogger.
Who knew parenting would take up so much time? ha
I hope to start blogging a little more.
I just got back from my first girls trip (since having E)
 and have a lot of fun photos and stories to tell.
I will also try and keep you updated on this cute little guy as well. 
Here is our little bug Christmas morning. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Swim lessons.

Wow! It's been a while (5 months) since my last post.
Things have been a little crazy around here, but in a great way!
For the last month, Elliott has been taking swim lessons at Brian's work. 
Our goal was for him was to stay 5-10 minutes in the water of the 25 minute class.
To our surprise, he loved it and made it all 25 minutes! 
Here are a few pictures and videos from this months swim class. 

E getting suited up for swim class. 

E is just a little guy, so the water would usually turn him purple. 
Luckily, the swim instructor
brought him a wetsuit to wear during class. 
A baby in a wetsuit. 
Cutest thing EVER! 
It worked wonders!

This picture brings me so much joy. 
I literally die over these two. 
That smile, double chin, wet is just too much cuteness!

Getting ready for his last swim class! 

Learning to float with Ms. Tara

Learning to hold on to the side. 

Getting ready to be dunked under. 

Now dads turn to try...

 Elliott is a pro at going under. I hope this means teaching him to swim will be easy! ;) 

This was not from swim class, but I need a picture with the little swimmer too!

Beating the 100 degree temps in OKC. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Elliott Lyne Scott

What a crazy, awesome surreal week. 
Last Thursday, March 13th  around 9:30pm
 Brian accused me of "peeing on the couch".
Only to find out my water had broken. 
16 days early. 
After being admitted into the hospital at 10pm
Little Elliott made his grand appearance
on Friday, March 14, 2014 at 10:40am. 
Elliott Lyne Scott. 
6lbs 3oz and 19.5 inches long. 
He is perfect. 
We are so in love and look forward to what's to come. 
He's had to spend the first week of his life in a Light box
for his jaundice. 
We finally got the OK to officially retire the box. 
I'm not sure we could take another night or day 
with him in it. 

I wanted to share a few of the hospital photos.
Yep, I bought them. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Nearing the end...

We are 3 weeks out from our due date . 
Of course, give or take a week. 
Several of our friends and family have commented that, "this pregnancy has gone by so fast."
I'm so happy it has gone by "so fast" for you. 
Ha ;)
Once I hit the 7.5 month mark and stopped vomiting, it started to pick up a little 
for me as well. And for that, I am so thankful. 

Now that I am in my last and final month, it is going so sloooow.
We are starting to get really excited to meet our little guy, Elliott. 
His nursery is ready, car seat in place, bassinet set up all ready for his arrival. 

I'm trying hard to enjoy my last moments of being "selfish" and "quiet time", but I keep finding 
myself wishing away this time. 
I'm ready to leave the acid reflux, burping, growing body, waddling long behind. 

A few weeks ago,
Brian insisted we take maternity photos.
And secretly, I'm glad we did. 

Here are a few from our session: 

Meagan Potter Photography
This is my favorite picture.
Please notice how "something" is eating his pants.

Meagan Potter Photography 

Meagan Potter Photography

Meagan Potter Photography

March 30th can not get her soon enough. 
We are ready to meet you baby, E!