Tuesday, September 11, 2012

6th Grade Freedom Essay

Carmen had her first writing assignment in Language arts this week. Why she asked for my help is still unknown. Lord knows, I am terrible at writing essays.  Nonetheless, I gave it my best shot. She had to name 3 things that came to mind when she heard the word "freedom".

This is what we sent her....

FREEDOM in 1 Picture....
"Good Bless America"

FREEDOM means tank tops, American Flag short shorts and a dog.

She did not see the humor. ;)

Monday, September 10, 2012

James Taylor...err...

So funny....Enjoy!


I was only in Oklahoma for 11 days the month of August.  I managed to miss 2.5 weeks of 105+ degree weather. Hallelujah!  I am a traveling fool and I'm not finished yet!

After returning from Key west, I unpacked (dumped clothes in living room floor) and packed for Denver. I had 1.5 days at home before we departed.

Brian and I had not been to Denver in years. We were excited to visit again and of course see our dear friends. We had an amazing time even though it was far to short.

Unfortunately, Brian and I both ate like we were 8 months pregnant. We are still feeling the aftermath of all those calories. T is 8 months prego with her second child. Back to the food... I think we ate some of the best food Denver has to offer. I'm still dreaming of the fried ice cream. nom nom nom.

Side note/observation: I have a feeling when the times comes, God willing, and we are pregnant Brian will gain as much as I do. eeek! ;)

I snapped a few photos from our weekend.
Golden, CO. Beautiful town. 

While in Golden, we ate here. Best pizza in CO. If you are ever in the area, it is a must try!

Walking to brunch. This melts my heart. One day....

Brian's bloody Mary.

Logan decided she wanted photos taken of her with the statue.

Funny story about this Pegasus statue. Brian and Zac went to a baseball game on Saturday night. I asked them the name of the team.

Brian: The Denver Pegasus
Me: Oh, ok.
Brian, Zac and Tia all laugh.
Me: Is that not it? What is it?
Brian: Colorado Mountains.
Me: Really?
Brian: Yes
Me: Ok.
insert laughs AGAIN
Me: Seriously guys, what is the name?
Brian: Colorado Rockies.

I still have no clue the name of the baseball team. And I could careless. So there! 

View from their apartment in downtown Denver.

Logi had a great time on my 'puter and
 and watched the beginning of a million Netflix
movies with her magnify glass.

Then it was photo shoot time. I was able to capture a cute one of us!

The night before we left Logan wanted me to put her to bed. We put on pjs, brushed her teeth, read a few books, covered up all her stuffed animals and I handed her her glow in the dark toy. As I was turning the light off she said, "can you sing to me?" My first reaction was to laugh. For a split second, the only thing I could think of singing was a country song. And that was probably not the type of bedtime song she was looking for. Thankfully, twinkle twinkle little start came to mind. I sang in a very low voice so no one could hear me. I was practically in the crib with her.  HA.
She liked it. Thank Gosh! I may have been sweating while singing. No joke. I need to work on my vocals for next time. ;)

Saturday, September 8, 2012


My sister and her husband have been "chosen" and will be adopting a baby girl in December. We are beyond excited and can't wait to welcome her into this world in December!

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Friday, September 7, 2012


I just wanted to post that it is true "good things come to those who wait."

I think the wait is finally over! It is a wonderful day for my family.

Will post more details soon! But for now, I will wait patiently for more exciting news.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Isaac and a wedding

I have been longing for a beach vacation. When the opportunity presented itself, I jumped on it. The twin was asked to be a bridesmaid in a beach wedding and I was lucky enough to be her plus one. Destination: Florida Keys.

For months, I had envisioned how our week of pure bliss would be (no less than perfect, of course). I imagined us sipping on fruity cocktails with pink umbrellas while reading the latest romantic novel (think- fifty shades of grey...yeah, I read them all.) on the beach.

A week before I flew out, the weather channel was tracking a tropical storm heading for the Keys. Awesome. I was not going to let a tropical storm/hurricane ruin my beach vacation. I pretended it did not exist. Our first few days were great!

Abby and I rented  bikes for the week to get around the island. 
We hit up some bars.
Shea, Abby and Sharay (the bride)
The bride sang karaoke. 
Me and the Bride (Sharay)
I managed to get a fruity drink (no umbrella, boo!) and start a great beach book.

The first three days at the beach were great. I successfully, as usual, missed a spot or sweated off my sunscreen and got an amazing/embarrassing sunburn. Why can't my skin be golden like Abby's? Instead of porcelain and burn at the sight of sunshine.  waahhh!

The night before the wedding it poured. Abby and I decided to walk, instead of ride bikes, to and from  rehearsal dinner. It was a 2 mile walk down Duval Street to our house. About 1.5 miles in, it started to rain. Because we are cheap and felt we needed the exercise, we decided not to pay 6 dollars for a taxi ride. We opted to walk, eat ice cream and take pictures of ourselves getting soaked along the way.
Just making memories....

I am pretty sure Abby does not follow my blog. So, what she doesn't know, won't hurt her? Right? She would KILL me if she knew I posted this photo. But, she looks great! So I don't care. 

The day of the wedding we had 40 mph winds with gusts up to 60 mph. It rained most of the day and stopped a few hours before the wedding. This bride was not going to let the wind, rain or Hurricane Isaac, for that matter, ruin her beach wedding.

Beautiful picture. Father/Daughter

They do!
Made it through the wedding without rain!

The next day, little Key West was boarded up.

All 20 of us headed to Sean and Tracey's vacation home for the hurricane. There was a lot of  laying around waiting...and waiting... and waiting...

Luckily, the storm shifted west and missed the keys. Lots of rain and wind is all we got. We were able to go back to our house by 7pm. 
The aftermath... several roads were flooded.

But not to worry, our last two days looked a lot like this...amazing!

To end our trip, we went shopping.

I had an amazing time and was so thankful to spend quality time with the twin. I know I say this a lot, but it's hard living 14 hours away from my family. Any chance I can get to spend with them, I jump on it.