Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dirk Turk Scott

When I was first pregnant I agreed to "think" on the idea of not finding out the gender of our baby. 
Then I decided we would find out and wait to open the envelope at Thanksgiving.
Then I puked, again, and decided that I would ABSOLUTELY not wait 
until Thanksgiving. 
I needed something to be excited about. 
I needed something to connect to.
The only thing I feel connected to is the toilet. 
I'm 19 weeks, I thought that relationship would have ended a long time ago. 
But we are stronger than ever. 

I got multiple phone calls/texts requesting that I let them make a gender reveal cake or wait
a few days and have a party. 
I do love the idea of the reveal parties and I love cake. 
Honestly, I really just wanted it to be the two of us. 
I decided to make my own "gender" reveal cake.
It just failed to reveal the gender of our child. 
But did reveal a very important fact about myself.
I love cake.
I love homemade peanut butter cake with homemade dark chocolate icing. 
 The best part about this cake (Pioneer Women Recipe), is that as soon as it is out of the oven you put the icing on it. 
It is encouraged to eat while warm.
Seeing that I am impatient, this is the prefect cake for me. 
I ate straight out of the pan, before dinner.

When it came time to open the envelope, it was no where to be found.
 In typical Scott fashion, 
what should have taken a few minutes, took over an hour.
I thought Brian was joking and let him know I was in no mood for jokes.
He thought for sure he put it in his glove box and locked it. 
He cleaned it out. 
Not in there.
I thought maybe he left it at his office.
He insisted he had not.
As we ate dinner, you could tell his frustration levels were increasing rapidly.  
He even went as far, to blame our friend Lehne (grooms-women in our wedding) for the missing envelope.
She jokingly told him she was going to break into his car and look.
"Maybe she took my keys out of my office while I was gone."
Really, Brian?! 
After dinner he put on his head lamp and out to the car he went. 
After, several cuss words (I assume) and taking the entire glove box out of the car...
there it was just as perfect as the information in it. 

We are so excited to announce that Dirk Turk Scott (not real name-although Brian likes it),  will make his appearance in March.
And for the first time in my pregnancy, I am excited!
Selfishly, it was exactly what I needed.
It may not have been an elaborate party or shared with tons of friends and family,
but it was perfect and still a drama-filled reveal. ha! ;)
I would not have it any other way. 
Here's to our son, 
Buster Lyne (another one of Brian's names)! 

--(at this point he has zero say in the name of our child)