Thursday, March 14, 2013

PE with Pre-K

This past week I have taught PE to some cutie pre-k kids. 
Each class is 30 minutes long and I have 4 classes. 
Halfway through the class, a sweet little girl says,
"Mrs. Amanda, what's that on your face?"
For a split second, I was confused. 
Then once I wiped my face, I realized it was just sweat. 
Of course! Duh.
I told her, "oh, it's just sweat. When I exercise I sweat."
But she was not satisfied with my answer.
"No, I think it's a tear."

Here are some other comments from the kiddos regarding my sweat. Some of these sweet, sweet students would yell across the room just to ask me about my sweat.

"Hey! what's that on your shirt?"
"Hey! you are wet"
"You have spots on your shirt"
"Why's your face wet"

So, for those of you who wonder why I always wear black (ahem-dad...also I blame you for my sweatiness ) this is why. 
No matter if I am sitting, running or sleeping I sweat. It's awful. 

Here is a photo of me after my first class. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This has been me the past 3 days. Miserable. 
After feeling like death (and looking like it too),
 I realized I had been taking the wrong medicine.
This explains why I was not getting better. 
Classic Amanda move.

After two full days of not moving from the couch, 
I decided I was well enough to head to the gym.
Terrible, terrible idea. 
Feeling like I might faint, 
not to mention, 
coughing and a snotty nose, I finished the class. 
Because a normal person would do that...right?!

So, now I feel as good as our "love" plant looks.

This is not how one is supposed to celebrate her birthday week. ;)