Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Swim lessons.

Wow! It's been a while (5 months) since my last post.
Things have been a little crazy around here, but in a great way!
For the last month, Elliott has been taking swim lessons at Brian's work. 
Our goal was for him was to stay 5-10 minutes in the water of the 25 minute class.
To our surprise, he loved it and made it all 25 minutes! 
Here are a few pictures and videos from this months swim class. 

E getting suited up for swim class. 

E is just a little guy, so the water would usually turn him purple. 
Luckily, the swim instructor
brought him a wetsuit to wear during class. 
A baby in a wetsuit. 
Cutest thing EVER! 
It worked wonders!

This picture brings me so much joy. 
I literally die over these two. 
That smile, double chin, wet is just too much cuteness!

Getting ready for his last swim class! 

Learning to float with Ms. Tara

Learning to hold on to the side. 

Getting ready to be dunked under. 

Now dads turn to try...

 Elliott is a pro at going under. I hope this means teaching him to swim will be easy! ;) 

This was not from swim class, but I need a picture with the little swimmer too!

Beating the 100 degree temps in OKC.