Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Visit with Jen, Ben and Dillon

This past weekend my parents and I flew out to Salt Lake City for a weekend full of skiing and wedding planning. Mom and Dad flew out on Wednesday night and I flew out on Thursday. Dad and I went skiing at Alta on Friday, they had gotten 7 new inches of snow on Thursday night so there was some nice powder. Unfortunately it didn't snow the rest of the weekend which was kind of disappointing because they have been getting tons of snow so far this season. But I guess I shouldn't complain because it was still just awesome to be out there. On Saturday morning Ben and I went up to Solitude and hit the slopes with Dad joining us after lunch. It had warmed up a bit so the snow was a little heavy but still great skiing. While we were skiing Mom and Jen went to the the florist and did some shopping.
On Saturday night we all went to the Millcreek Inn where Jen and Ben will be getting married in May. They were having a tasting for several of the foods you can choose from for the reception. All of the food was absolutely amazing and since it was a buffet I of course ate way too much. They had probably 8 different meats on the buffet and I had at least one of all of them (actually three servings of the pork), along with some sides and three pieces of cake. The place is really pretty and I am excited for the wedding.
We skied really hard on Saturday from 9:15 to 4:00 with only a 3o minute lunch break and since I am currently in really bad shape, we decided to not go skiing on Sunday. Instead Ben, Dad and I went fly fishing on the Middle Provo River in Heber Valley. Since they have gotten so much snow this year we had to snowshoe in to the river. It was absolutely beautiful and I had a good time. I roughly know the mechanics of fly fishing but I don't know what flies to use and where. Ben was kind enough to do everything for Dad and I and Ben is the only reason I caught any fish. Here are some photos of the fishing trip. While the guys were fishing, Mom and Jen went to the Ann Taylor bridal show.
The weekend had come to a close as we traveled back home Monday night. Mom and Dad had flown directly from Cincinnati but I had come out of Lexington. So as we landed in Cincinnati my flight to Lexington had been canceled because of the weather. Mom and Dad decided to drive me back to Lexington and we actually found two other men stranded in Cincy and brought them back with us. The roads were pretty bad but Dad did a great job driving and got us home in just under two and a half hours.
It was a great trip and it was great to spend time with Jen, Ben and Dillon (even though Jen was sick the whole weekend).

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Amusing Videos

Lauren and Abby came to visit us this past weekend and Lauren shared a few YouTube videos with us. If you haven't seen these I suggest watching them, they are good for a nice laugh.

Monday, February 4, 2008

National Children's Dental Health Month

Here is Amanda's second article in the Wincester Sun. This one is regarding oral hygeine in children. I am really impressed with her articles because she has repeatedly told me she can't write and would never let me look at anything before. So now she can't hide her true talents anymore.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The things you learn.

Since Brian has made all the posts thus far, I figured it was my turn to contribute to "our" blog.

When you have been with someone for so long you think you know everything about them, but little did we know the learning had just begun. Here are a few of the amusing events we have gone through together. And I'm sure there will be many more to follow.
Let's start with our first trip to the grocery store. Remember we have nothing in the apartment to eat. As we are strolling along in the store Brian feels that it would only make sense to get a "few things" tonight and then we will come back tomorrow and get the rest. Ok, so i can understand stopping to get bread, milk, cheese, ice cream, and brownies (the essentials for us) if you already have food at the house, but we don't. I reply with, "Why would we do that? Why not get everything now so we would not have to come back again?" So, i figured it's not even worth arguing over we will just come back. He's definitely a Scott--making things difficult when they don't have to be. So, as we proceed in the store we realize that we both like to go through the store in the totally opposite way. I like to go all the way around the perimeter and then go up and down the aisles. Most of my time spent shopping in the grocery consisted of me with my mamaw and aunt who are both legally blind. This rotation worked for them and we were able to get everthing we needed without forgetting things. So, this is how I'm used to doing it. Brian on the other hand, likes to go up and down the aisles without going around the perimeter first. So, it only seemed fair that we did it my way, since we were only "getting a few things."

For those of you who do not know Brian that well, he seems to like to leave a string of clothes throughout the house. I mean are you serious? Being the neat freak I am that drives me crazy. For some reason I found that Brian would lay the MAJORITY of his clothes in a certain corner instead of putting them in the hamper. So, i asked him about it and he said " well, I would put them in the hamper if it were here." Ok, so put a hamper there!! My favorite story is when Brian gave me a few pointers on how to be organized...yeah, go a head and laugh because I did! The Scotts came up with a great idea of pinning your socks together so you always have the match, which I think is great. So, I have converted to pinning all my socks together. The other day I was unpinning my socks and I layed the pin down on the coffee table. Brian decided to give me an organizational tip of the here ya go...put your pins in your room so you don't lose them. OK Brian thank you!

Do you remember the times whenever your parents needed to borrow your car and you always volunteered yours when you had no gas? Unfortunately, I never was able to take advantage of that because my other sisters either beat me too it or my dad was having to go get gas because they ran out on the side of the road. So, a few days ago I had no gas in the car. I decided that I should "figure out" who got the best gas mileage between our two cars. Or at least that was my excuse. It just so happened that Brian had just filled up my car the same day we decided to switch. Little did he know, he was left with a tank on empty.

Scott Pryor

My cousin Scott Pryor is an incredible singer/songwriter who is currently in Philadelphia working his wonders. He is in the process of making his second album titled "Theater for the Weary" and he has just added two of the new studio recorded songs to his Myspace music page. They are really awesome. You can learn more about Scott and how to get his 1st album at his website. Spread the word about him to all your friends.