Saturday, October 26, 2013

Catch up!

It has been to long since my last post.
I am excited to finally feel like writing again or at least at the moment.
As most of you know, we are EXPECTING!
We are excited, scared, sick as an f-ing dog (still) but very blessed and ready
for the next chapter in this crazy thing we call life.
Baby Scott will be here the end of March!

My hope is to share with you some of the experiences, though at the time
were not funny, but we now can look back on and laugh.
Some are pretty embarrassing, really all of them, but the truth.
I've never been one to be ashamed of things I say or do whether it is at my expense or not.
I've said it before and I will say it again, if you can't laugh at yourself
then you live a pretty miserable life.

My pregnancy has not been easy and
has tested me both mentally, emotionally and physically.
My sister told me "do not be one of those girls who does not go to work because she is sick".
So, I wasn't.
I showed up everyday 5am sick as a dog.
For 12 weeks, I hid my pregnancy from my co-workers and friends.
Disappearing into the bathroom to vomit.
Forcing smiles through headaches and belly aches, counting down the hours to
go home and go to bed.
I wish I could say it has eased up in the 2nd trimester, but it has not.
The vomiting has actually become more frequent,
 but sometimes I will have a good day and I am very
thankful for those days.
Baby Scott is healthy and that is all that matters.

I will end this post with how I knew I was pregnant,
before I knew for sure I was pregnant.
The first 3 weeks my chest grew a full cup size.
Lord, help me!
I remember getting dressed and saying to myself
"what the heck?"
I was literally busting (no pun intended) out of my bra.
Please note, they were already huge to begin with so.....
They are literally under my chin.
The last 17 weeks have only made them bigger. ha!
I mean it's pure craziness.
I'll probably be the first to carry their baby in their chest and
be on the TODAY show being interviewed.
I'll let you know with it airs.
Size that these girls will could possibly get to is unimaginable.
I'm terrified.

Until next time....