Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random thought of the day.

I don't normally post twice in one day, but I couldn't help but laugh at this random thought I had this evening. I asked Brian to pour me a glass of crystal light and he came back with maybe a sip to drink. He did this knowing he would have to go back in the kitchen and pour me some more, but I guess it was worth the laugh. Right? It made me think of the time when my mom asked my dad to get her a cup of water. So, sure enough he came out with a measuring cup of water. My mom asked why he put it in a measuring cup and his reply was, "you said you wanted a CUP of water, I just wanted to make sure you got what you wanted." That is such a typical guy thing to do.


I have been sick for the past couple of days. I have been unable to taste anything that I eat. So, I thought to myself, there is no need to eat anything good because what's the point if you can't taste. Yesterday I was craving brownies. Brian insisted that I make some. Now if there is one thing that I MUST taste that would be the delicious, warm, chocolate chuck brownies that I make OH SO WELL. I came home for lunch today and have figured that my taste buds are back in gear and are dying, absolutely dying, for some brownies. So now I must head to the kitchen to make something AMAZING!

p.s. My Exam today went well. I didn't get my grade, but I'm sure I passed!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Promatx Gym

Well for those of you who did not know, I got a job and I started this past Monday. It was only supposed be part-time for the first three weeks, but I put in enough hours by Tuesday. This gym is running a weight loss program. The program is expanding so quickly, that they need me to get trained ASAP. I have a test tomorrow over the whole program. So, hopefully I will do well. They want to turn the whole weight management and Metabolism Re-Trainer part to me. I was able to counsel 7 members today. And it was so much fun! I feel like I did a pretty good job for the first time.

I will keep you updated!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's Great to be Home!!

Brian and I have been back for almost a week now and it has been great. It has been nice to get back into our apartment and get things settled and arranged properly. We are very excited about this weekend. We are having our engagement party with close friends and family and then we will spend the rest of the week out at Lake Lewman with some of our friends. It should be a good time.

Update on my employment status, I go for a second interview tomorrow at a gym called Promatx Gym. I am applying for the Nutrition health coach, as well as, the personal Metabolism Retraining position. Fingers crossed!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I give up!

I can't cook unless it comes out of a box, frozen, or if it's pasta. Sometimes I get up the nerve to actually make something. Why I do this, I have no idea. I decided that I would make some guacamole. Abby, one of our friends in OKC, makes AMAZING guacamole. I got the recipe and it didn't look that hard. I went to the store this morning got all the ingredients did exactly what she said. I thought to myself...This is pretty easy. I went to taste it and it taste NOTHING like Abby's. OMG! SERIOUS? Brian told me to keep adding stuff and I did. Threw some salt in it. I give up!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bath and Body Works

For those of you who know me best, know that I have an obsession with the store bath and body works. I love all the lovely fragrances! I probably have any where from 25-35 bottles of lotion/spray. Some of them I have multiples of because they are my favorite. Today I went into the store with only the intentions of looking and figuring out which fragrances I liked and did not have and which I did not like. I came across a sign that read "50 % off" and it just so happened to be one that I have had my eye on and was reluctant to purchase it in the past because Brian insist that I already have enough. Out of concern, I asked the worker why they were on sale. She went on to tell me that they are discontinuing this particular lotion. So, I bought two bottles and a spray. I had too!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The final week.

Yesterday was the first time all summer that it actually rained 75% of the day. Lord knows that we need the rain. I have continued my search for jobs, but still no luck. I got a call last week from 5/3 bank wanting to set up an interview for this week. Unfortunately, I could not make that interview because I'm still here in OKC. They wanted to finish all the interviews this week. Just my luck. So the search will continue.

I have been so thrilled about the Olympics. I feel like I have good reason to watch hours of T.V. I mean the Olympics are only on every four years. I dedicated this week to packing and getting things together for our trip back to Kentucky. What I did not realize is that it only took me thirty minutes to pack up all my clothes and belongings. I guess I got a little carried away, hoping that Saturday would come sooner.

Brian is finishing up his last week of work and preparing for his big presentation. Apparently there are going to be some important people sitting in on his presentation. I'm sure he will do great!

Our time here has been great and I'm so glad I made the trip down here with Brian...for more than one reason. HA HA! But I'm ready to head back to KY and get a real job.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wedding bliss and a few other things

Well it has been a little over two weeks since Brian and I got engaged. We have been able to enjoy our engagement before all the serious planning begins; which starts probably as soon as we get back to Kentucky. I hope not to think about or worry about any of the planning until then. But, I know that will be difficult. There are just so many little things that you don't think of that needs to be done for a wedding. Thank god I have my family and friends that seem to have weddings under control. That is not to say that they will be making all the decisions, only guiding me through the process.
I decided to go to Davids Bridal today because it is right near our apartment. I walked in and stayed about five minutes before I decided to turn around and leave. First of all, I felt like an idiot going into a wedding shop by myself while all the other brides to be had their whole crew with them. Secondly, There were way to many dresses for me to go through. I was totally overwhelmed. I'm not one for shopping. When I go shopping it usually consist of my sisters/friends throwing things at me to try on and putting outfits together. I'm just awful at it. I have no patience for it. Now you take me into Bath and Body Works, I could stay there ALL day. I love that store! Internet shopping is the way to go!

Just a few things from my day:

1. It was 93 degrees today, which felt like 80. It was GREAT!

2. I am teaching a private lesson and she wants to continue until winter. I asked my boss if I could have her get a hold of her to figure out scheduling more private lessons. Her response was "No". So, my response was "well then, who does she get a hold of?" and she just shrugged her shoulders. Ok...she is the director that is her job. right?

3. The highlight of my day was having fresh homemade guacamole that Abby made for the "So you think you can dance" get together.

4. Still searching for a job. Anybody know somebody, who knows somebody, that can get me a job, just let me know.

5. I had a dream the other night where I was punching someone. I woke up to find that I had punched the wall. My engagement ring had turned around where the diamond was facing the side of my pinky finger and I guess I was squeezing my fist so hard and punching really hard that I broke the skin and it started bleeding. Not long after that brian woke up with a nose bleed. I hope I wasn't punching him. :)

Monday, August 4, 2008


It seems that all I do here is sweat. I sometimes wonder why I don't "perspire" like most girls do, but rather sweat like an overweight 45 year old male. I walk out my door and it is guaranteed that I start sweating. It's awful. Today's high was 104, but I think it was a lot hotter than that. The car read 110 degrees this afternoon when I went to work. I don't know what's worse Oklahoma City's high temperatures or Kentucky's humidity.

Thank god that we pay a flat rate and we keep the thermostat between 62-65. For the next two weeks you can bet that I will be inside in the cool and avoiding the heat as much as possible.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Visit from the Sister

This weekend my sister Jen came to visit us here in OKC. We had a great weekend full of a lot of sweating, it was miserably hot, probably an average of 103. Our usual weekends here in Oklahoma have been fairly relaxing and uneventful but we did a number of things with Jen as our guest.
She flew in Friday afternoon, Amanda picked her up from the airport and they picked me up (getting lost on the way) and we went out for lunch. She and Amanda talked wedding while I was still at work. After work we took her up to Hafer Park and showed her where I proposed where she took a picture of us reenacting the proposal.
Did anyone else know there are mountains in Oklahoma? Well I didn't either. I had heard from a number of people since I have been out here that there are some mountains in Southwestern OK called the Wichita Mountains. I refused to believe it until I saw them with my own eyes. So yesterday we made a trip down there to visit them. We decided to get up fairly early and drive down there to get a start before it got too hot (it got up to 105). We took a fairly short hike up to the top of Elk Mountain which provided a good view of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Preserve. Open range conditions allow bison and longhorns all over the preserve. Since it was so hot, after the hike we ate lunch at a miniature picnic table and sat in the shade with a nice breeze and talked for a couple hours. On the way out of the preserve we stopped at the visitors center and drove up to the top of Mount Scott for another great view. Pictures from the visit can be found here.
Last night we went to Bricktown and ate at the Bricktown Brewery where Jen treated us to dinner to celebrate our engagement. We decided to get dessert at the Melting Pot but couldn't get a table until 9:45 so we ended up going to the Redhawks baseball game where we watched the last 5 innings of their game versus the Las Vegas 51's. Needless to say the Banana's Foster Chocolate fondue we had was amazing.
Today we made a visit to the Oklahoma City Memorial and Musuem which is dedicated to the 1995 bombing of the Federal Building. The memorial was very nice and the museum had a lot of interesting information.
We had a great weekend with Jen visiting us and are looking forward to coming back home to see all of our family.

Friday, August 1, 2008


I wanted to share this photo with you all that Brian took yesterday. We all know how much Lehne loves Brian's shoe collection, she couldn't help herself but to get a pair just like him. Brian has the male version and Lehne has the female version. I wonder what will be next...white shoes?