Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chocolate Milkshake.

Brian and I went to a local restaurant a few blocks from our apartment tonight for some ice cream. They specialize in homemade ice cream and soda fountain drinks. For those of you from Morehead it reminds me a lot of Holbrook Drugs, only does not have a pharmacy or have gifts you can purchase...So really they just have the bar with stools that you can sit on and watch them make your dessert of choice. I, of course, chose to get a chocolate milkshake. No need for whipped cream or the cherry on top ( you get less milkshake if you get all those extra topping and I don't need those extra calories anyways.). Give me more MILKSHAKE. It was by far one of the BEST milkshakes I've ever had in my life. It ranks right up there with my papaw Earl's milkshakes. Here is the best part. They gave me my shake in an old time milkshake glass and they even gave me the the leftovers that would not fit in my cup. O.M.G. I was thrilled...I mean who does that? They always throw it away and I get so upset.

So, when everyone comes to visit me here in OKC you know where you are going for dessert!!!! And no I will not share my extra milkshake with anyone. Get your own!

Oh yeah Brian got some strawberry fountain drink. Mine topped his my 100!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gold Toe

I will admit that I have worn Brian's dress socks once or twice...Ok maybe a lot. I am guilty of not safety pinning them back together and therefore am usually the one to blame if a sock is "missing". But I am not to blame for holes in the socks...I think we know how is.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our new Car!

Brian and I bought a new car yesterday! We are so excited. We are OFFICIALLY an old married couple...even though some claim to differ..haha. We bought an '06 Toyota Highlander with only 28,000 miles on it. We even got them to come down on the price. We were so proud of ourselves!

After a long day we went over to Brian's co-workers house, Brian, for some drinks. It was nice to meet the group of people that he will be working with and to meet their wives and significant others. I also found out that I am not the only one who is unemployed and about to go out of my mind. I think we may just actually like it here...

Off to take Charlie on a walk!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Update on Char Char...

Charlie has been limping around since yesterday afternoon. We noticed last night that he had a piece of skin hanging off his paw. He would not let us touch it, but he licked it all night long and would not put any pressure on it. Like a concerned mom I took him to the vet today only to find out that it is a dog "blister". My response, "dogs get blisters?" Apparently, they get them only they do not show up like they do on humans. I was sent home with some cream to rub on it twice a day.

...Only CharChar would get a blister!

I would like to add that he got so many compliments on how pretty and well behaved he is and of course I nodded and said, "I know". All the while laughing inside because we all know Char is not always well behaved. But, hey, I will take it! He did great around other dogs while there and let all kinds of people pet him.

I was such a proud mom!

Charlie at the Dog Park!

Monday, August 10, 2009

City Driver

It's official I am a city driver. I drove on a four lane highway, drove underneath other highways and crossed three lanes in order to get off at the right exit. God must be on my side because there were no cars near when I crossed all three lanes. No cars or lots of cars...I crossed three lanes of traffic safely. Not going to lie there was a smile on my face. I have decided that it necessary for me to have no music on while in the car. This allows me to actually pay attention to where I'm going.

On our trip out here we had to make a stop in St. Louis to get the car fixed. Unfortunately, they could not fix the problem but could temporary fix it. So, one of my many task this week is to get the car fixed. Brian had me 3 places to call and get an estimate. So, I called all the places and ended up with the same questions and answers.

Here were the questions asked and my response:

1. What do you drive? Audi
2. What year is it? 97
3. Is it an A4,A8, etc.? Ugh, A4? Or maybe it's an A6 (is A6 even an option?)
4. Ok, well this is an important question, so which is it? I'm going to go with A4.
5. Do you have your insurance card in your pocket? Really? No, it's in the car.
5. Is it a 4c or 6c? What? It's standard...does that mean anything?
6. Can you just bring the car in and let me look at it? Yes!

Foreign cars are great, but so expensive to get fixed! I made sure that the nice gentleman wrote down everything he told me with cost and labor cost so that I can discuss it tonight with Brian.

Car Expert...NO! City Driver...YES!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well after what seemed like the "longest trip" ever we finally arrived to our destination! Charlie was GREAT during the whole trip! We were so proud of him. The apartment we are living in for the time being is really nice. It is a gated community and we have an apartment on the first floor! People are asking to see pictures of our apartment so I have decided to put some up to show everyone. I just want to note that we are in the PROCESS of unpacking and the apartment is a wreck.