Friday, January 27, 2012


Ariel Winters from Modern Family

Ross interview Aziz Ansari. Tia and I got a picture with him, but it was terrible. Bummer.

Anne Heche

James Marsden. He is an Okie!

Jen, Tia, me and Mary Beth....(trouble)

I started a blog last night, but was too tired to finish it. My friend Tia, who I was with at Sundance, blogged about our experience. Although it is a slight novel, she did not miss one detail. Please head over to her blog, aMUSEing (And while you are at it, become a member of her blog and press on her advertisements daily.), to read the first part of our Cuh-Razy trip. Trust want to read it! The stories of the things we did, the people we saw, and the parties we snuck into are absolutely amazing. No clue what got into me to do the things that we did, but I did and I totally ROCKED it! Best Sundance experience yet! I am not sure how we will top it next year...but I'm sure we will.

-I posted all my photos on Facebook. Go check them out!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I am totally obsessed with my new "smash" book. My goal is to "smash" a few times a week. It is like a junk journal. For example, Brian and I attended a Green Bay football game. I put in there a few pictures, our tickets, program, etc. Just little things I wanted to keep. I have managed to rack up a supply of "junk" to add to my make it more creative and fun.

There is one thing I really NEED to be able to complete my smash book. And that my friends, is a fujifilm INSTAX210. Just imagine how much cuter this book would be with Polaroid pictures!

We did order a Polaroid printer that will print all pictures 2x3 inches. I am really excited, but I feel I NEED both. This one prints bigger pictures and actually looks like a Polaroid picture. A girl can dream...right?! (thank goodness my birthday is in March)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas break

Our Christmas break was amazing as always. We got to spend lots of time with family and friends. And we scored some awesome gifts here and there ;).

The Scott Christmas Tree

This cute little guy scored some major gifts this Christmas!

Ornament exchange at my parents house. So fun!

Little miss Audrey made an appearance. She is all grown up. Such a cutie!

Hudson and Uncle Bri Bri

We spent a few days in Lexington with these guys!

This was us 30 minutes before the ball dropped. Exciting crew, I tell ya!

Stephen, Brian, and Kyle

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!