Thursday, December 23, 2010

I got my oil changed a few days ago, as well as, a free car wash. As I pulled up to the guy to wash my car, I rolled my window down to ask if I needed to turn my car off. At the same EXACT time he turned the water hose on and hit me right in the face. I could keep my car on. thanks.

....Just another day in the life of Amanda.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

OKC Geological Society Party and some other things.

Last week Brian and I attended the Oklahoma City Geological Society Christmas Party. We were greeted at the door with our choice of $50 dollar gift certificates. Brian got best buy and I, of course, got Bath and Body works. I knew that it was going to be a great night. We also won an Ipad and a kindle...not to mention all the great food, desserts, and music that was provided as well. We have decided that we will be attending all the OKC Geological Society Parties. :) Well worth the $40 bucks we shelled out to attend the party.

In other news, my friend Tia introduced me to eBay. I know it has been around for years, but for some reason it always stresses me out. It was not until I saw all the great deals she was getting, that I realized I needed to try it out. I love it. I have bought 4 things in two days. All great deals, I might add. I found a ski coat and some other Patagonia tops that will be great for running/lounging. I plan on putting my ski coat up for to sell. No more purchases for me for a while! :)

Another reason why my job is probably cooler than yours...Today at work we filmed a commercial for Kevin Durant, OKC Thunder basketball Player, Nike shoe line. It was a lot of fun. We (CHK energy) have entered our video into the contest. Fingers crossed we will win. I will keep you updated.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas list

I love Christmas.

I love lists.

I love Christmas lists.

So here it is again this year... my grown up Christmas List:

1. Batter scoop
2. Candy thermometer
3. Being in Morehead

How boring am I? My list went from 25 things last year to 3 this year. Boy how times have changed. :) I am looking forwarded to heading back east for the holiday. I am beginning to get a little homesick. Missing all the plays, hometown holiday, solo signing parts, new bakery on main, Huddy meeting Santa for the first time, Hudson growing, laughing, developing a personality ( I mean he is practically a toddler.)

Brian and I have a crazy 2011 planned. I am so excited for all of our trips.

Tonight I made homemade marshmallows. They are amazing. They go along perfect with some great hot chocolate. ahhhh! I wish they did not have to set for 6 hours before eating!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Party 2010

Last night was our Ugly sweater/ornament exchange Christmas party. I wanted to share a few of the photos with you from the night. A good time was had by all.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Scott Thanksgiving 2010

Someone left their sunglasses. Granddad insisted on wearing them back to KY.
7 or so years ago, Greg and I arm wrestled. It was a tie. 2010 he beat me, but I put up a good fight. Rematch Next YEAR! (maybe i should grunt more next year, I think that is how he won this match)

Lord help Brian.
It was like old times! We are back together...just missing Kyle and Stephen.
We were allowed to turn on the fire. Thanks Granddad.
Charlie sure has missed Lehne. She needs to come visit more.
Just a little chilly.
Thanksgiving 2010
Watchin' football
Wonder what they are talking about?
Ann ironed for 5 hours...that should teach Brian a lesson--don't compare me to your mom.
Wow, I look great! Turkey Trot. Meow! (for you Ben)
The Emery's came up from Dallas.
Learning how to play cornhole.

How many people can we get on the couch?

It was so nice to have everyone come out for thanksgiving. It was crowded, but reminded me a lot like home. I love when my house is filled with people--love, laughter, and natural gas. ha!

On a serious note, Brian and I are so fortunate to both come from great families who have taught us so much. We can't say enough how much we enjoyed having everyone together. It was such a special time for all. We were so glad that Granddad made the long trip out to good ole Oklahoma. Hey! He did get a new pair of stylish sunglasses out of it.

We hope to have many more of these memories...hopefully with little ones running around. hint. hint. (BRIAN)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spa Night

This past weekend we hosted a Spa Night at Chesapeake Energy Fitness Center. It was a big hit! Abby flew in to be apart of the team. She was one of the people giving facial waxings. She got paid, of course! Here are some pictures from that night. We had a great weekend!

She left and I got strep. Well the test came out negative, but the dr. was shocked. She couldn't believe how bad my throat looked and thought for sure it was strep. We are treating it as though it is. I am ready to eat, drink, sleep, stop sweating through everything, taking 4-5 baths a day. I can not get comfortable. I have been in the house for three days. I am miserable to say the least. Charlie is too. He has not gotten to play fetch or exercise in these three days. I just can't do it. I hope that I will feel up to going to work tomorrow. I have to get better and get this house cleaned before company comes.

But, until that time comes I will continue listening to GLEE's Chritmas CD and Gwyneth Paltrow's songs from glee and the CMA's. Who knew she could sing? Love her. And rewatch all the Hallmark Christmas movies.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

OSU Football game.

Yesterday, was our first Oklahoma football game experience. It was a little weird to see all ORANGE. We slowly learned their hand motions and part of their cheers. Always a wildcat at heart.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hanging of the greens

I found a Christmas tree. And it was not easy. It is not 9ft, like I wanted, but it is 7.5ft. It is the color, width, and not pre-lit like I wanted. I had to compromise some where. Even better, I got it for $78 bucks. All the other trees ranged from $250-900. Thank goodness.

The in-laws are coming down for Thanksgiving. They will all be happy to know:

1. I found a tree.
2. Just bought the new Mariah Carey Merry Christmas II You CD.
3. Favorite "Winder Candy Apple" candle is ready to be lit.
4. It is tradition in the Alderman household to put up the Christmas tree the day after thanksgiving.
5. I plan on putting the tree up on good ole Black Friday or early Saturday.

It makes me giggle to think of the Scotts' putting up a tree the day before Thanksgiving, because they normally put one up 5-8 days before Christmas. I think they think I'm crazy for putting one up so early. And yes, I have already started listening to Christmas music. Thank goodness I have found someone who loves Christmas as much as I do. She too is already listening.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Super mom

Mom's first fight! She made it!
Terri, Kris, and mom Alderman!
Mom cooling off!
Kris said mom bought several of surprise there. :)
Part of the group.

This past week my mom went on her first flight, cruise and trip out of the country. It was an all girls week. A well deserved trip for someone, mom, who tends to put all her wants/need to the back burner to help someone else out. When looking through the pictures, I could not help but get teary-eyed. It looked like she had a wonderful and restful time. Something that was way over due and something she so deserves. I just wanted to share a few pictures from her trip.

Dad was afraid she would come back loving the cruise and make him go on one next time. And that is just the case! We all want to go on one!


Charlie is eating like a normal dog. He is always so cuddly, which I love. I hope he stays this way.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Adult acne.

I have it.

I hate it.

Today at work one of my little girls pointed with her finger at the "boo-boo" on my chin. I just agreed with her. No need to explain. She later found more "boo-boos" on my forehead. Boy, did she make me feel good about myself today.

The things kids say! Good thing she is a cutie. It is impossible to stay made at her! I thinks she was just concerned. hahahaha.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ice cream, anyone?

What does a girl have to do to get a milkshake?

Last night my friend, Karla, and I were driving home from a concert and decided to stop for a Sonic late night treat.

It went something like this...

Sonic lady: whatever they normally say.

Me: I'll take a small chocolate shake and a small Reese's blast.

Sonic: I'm sorry, but we are out of ice cream.

Me: Wait, what? You don't have any ice cream?

Sonic: No, we just ran out.

Me: oh, well ok. nevermind then.

me to karla---is that even possible?


We were determined to get some ice cream.

McDonalds (not great shakes, but it will do.)


McD: whatever they normally say.

Me: Hold on just a second, I'm not ready yet.

At this time all the lights at McDonalds go out. I could no longer read the screen to decide what i wanted. NOTHING. I didn't even have time to see if they still had the triple thick milkshakes.

Me: umm hello? wait I hadn't ordered yet. Are you closed?

---All lights come back on...

Mcd: Can i take your order

I give them my order...we made it!

Once up to the window, i asked if they were closing. Sure enough they were (even though their window say 24-hour drive-thru, but who reads things anyways?) and he closed and locked the window.

It was like God was telling me I didn't need a milkshake, but I did. And although I only ordered a small shake, I got a large. You know, when you order a sweet tea and they give you a HUGE cup, ya my milkshake came in that cup.

Successful night!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I LOVE my job!

This has been one great week! My awesome boss, Kary, gave me 4 tickets to the Carrie Underwood Concert. I took 3 of my girl friends and we had a great time. I also planned an event for Chesapeake Mom and kids. We went to the Orr Family Farm-Pumpkin Patch. I am so blessed to have an awesome job that allows me to plan these event and hang out with some great people.

Update on Charlie: He is eating. Still giving him wet food, but he has started to eating his dry food. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I just want to give a shout out to Charlie for never letting us down. Charlie has lost 8 pounds. He is super skinny. He has not been eating for the past couple weeks. When I picked him up from Camp bow wow they told me they had trouble getting him to eat. So, they put a little wet food with his dry food and he seemed to eat a little bit. Well this has continued and I was starting to get concerned because he is SO SKINNY. Today I took him into the vet to figure this mystery out. $332 dollars later we still have no answer. Atta Boy Charlie! I came home with some prescription wet food. And of course, HE LOVED IT! Ooooh Charlie! The Vet says he needs to gain some weight. So he may be on wet food for a little bit till he gains about 10 pounds. If we don't see a difference by the end of the week, we have to go back in and do x-rays. Fingers crossed. If he does have to get x-rays his godfather, Kyle, said he would take care of that bill. So sweet!!!!! Thanks Kyle!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wonderful Trip to Kentucky!

Kenna and Hudson meeting for the first time!
Getting practice! :)
Mikki finally gets to hold Hudson!
So sleepy!
From his aunt manda and uncle brian!
Dara is due December 12 (or sometime around that time). She is all belly! So cute!
Ann teaching me how to iron again because according to Brian, " Mom doesn't do it that way" "Mom does it like this", "are you sure this is how mom does it", "I'm pretty sure mom doesn't use that end of the iron" So, while having dinner with the Ed and Ann.. I had Ann give me lessons once again. :) I won't go into detail about my response to Brian that night, but I'm pretty sure I let him know that "I'm not your mom" :) We all got a good laugh out of this one! (a month later, of course!)
Every time I come in Carmen and I get pedicures!

I can't believe this trip has come to an end! I have had a wonderful time! I wish Brian could have been here to meet little Hudson and see the family, but his time will come soon enough. This has probably been the best trip back home. Mainly because I have a new little nephew to spoil. I also had no real plans. I was in no rush to do anything. It was great! I am sad to leave, but ready to see my two boys in Oklahoma! I have missed them!