Saturday, January 29, 2011

OKC Weather

Alright, the last couple days it has been in the lower 70s. Absolutely beautiful outside. In a couple days it is supposed to be 20 degrees as the high with snow showers.

My friend Karla got accepted into the PA program here at OU Health Science center. A bunch of us went out to eat to celebrate.  Topic of discussion at one point was OK weather. Since we have had some crazy weather the last couple days, I went a head and just called it like 'i see it'. "Mark my words...Monday we will have a tornado and Tuesday we will have a snow storm."  Everyone laughed, but I'm being dead serious. Don't tornadoes form when hot and cold air collide? Ok, that is what WILL be happening.  Since I just LOVE talking about tornadoes, I went on to tell everyone about what they should do when one comes. I went to a class on it and I mean I have lived here for almost two years and am still alive!! To my surprise those who are born and raised right here in the OKC metro area died laughing at me. To the point where I thought to myself, ok these people don't sit in the bathtub (or whatever safe room) with a helmet on, shoes, long sleeve shirt and pants, blankes pillows...oh and i add chatting on facebook to that list as well. I don't think they believed me. I had to inform them that yes i do have two helmets in my guest bathroom under the sink. There are pillows and blankets in the guest bedroom as well. I guess we will just see who comes out of it without a head injury. BOOM!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This picture makes me laugh. Christmas 2007 with the Aldermans.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Team in Training

I will be running in the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon on May 1, 2011. I am doing it in honor of Shea Adamson- celebrating 5 years remission this year, as well as, Dr. Hardman (one of my college professors) and her daughter. I have my informational meeting in two weeks. I am excited. So, don't be surprised if you get an email from me asking for donations. I have to raise $1,000. I know I can do it!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas's a wrap!

I wish I knew how to rearrange these pictures, but I don't. I got the Flu while in Ky. From Wednesday night till Sunday (the day we left) I was sick. I was so lucky to get to take two Flu tests within an hour of each other. I was given a mask to wear. I am happy to report that I am feeling better.
I finally met Braden Furman. What a big boy for just a few weeks old.
Small 2004 High School Reunion at Bdubs, of course!
We had a White Christmas!
Showing Ed how to wear his stylish sweater from the GAP. Looking Sharp.
Scott Christmas Tree. Love it.
The big boy being so cute. Dominating the couch.
Pretty Nanny! Wonderful Christmas breakfast!
All of us with Rara.
Good Looking Alderman Crew!
Rara realizing what she got for Christmas. This is what it is all about!
Me and the little man! He is growing up.
Brian and his turtle neck.
Jim Nickell's new picture for his next election.

We had a wonderful trip! I wish I would have not gotten sick the last four days of our stay, but what can you do? I know! Get the Flu shot. I normally get it every year, but just procrastinated and well I got the flu. Brian was able to go to Lexington to hang out with some of our other friends for New Years and had a great time!

Hudson is getting so big. I can't stand it. I hope to see him in March and I can only imagine how big he will be then.

I still wonder how long it will take for me to not fight tears when leaving. I have a feeling it will never go away. I guess time will tell.

MY new years resolution:

1. Lose weight ( I feel like this is just a rule that everyone must have that on their there it is. )

2. Save money

3. Run half marathon. (Brian says no because of my knees-but I think I will).