Sunday, September 28, 2008

Meet Charlie!

Meet Charlie! On Saturday this little cutie was added to our now growing family. I could not resist myself when someone asked me if I would be interested in getting a lab. The previous owner had dropped him off at the pet store and told them that he was unable to take care of him.

Some might think we don't know what we're getting ourselves into and maybe we don't. But we feel it is a great addition to our family. It is something we have always wanted and we are willing and fully capable of taking responsibility of this little life and giving it a loving and caring home.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My love...besides Bri!

I must say that I get made fun of a lot for my love of sweets. Fortunately, for me I could care less. Recently, I have been making some AMAZING chocolate chip cookies. They seriously look as good as they taste-they might even taste a little bit better than they look. I felt the need to show off my skill and take a picture for all of you to see. Now, I know you would love to try them and just maybe if you come visit me, I might just make a batch just for you!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can I get a chocolate milkshake, please?

I have been in Lima, Ohio since Sunday and will not return home till Friday evening. My training starts at 8am and goes until 7pm. I have to do this Monday-Thursday and on Friday, I'm finished by 12:30.

After training today, I decided to try out one of the chocolate protein supplements. I bought a bottle of water and a supplement and was on my way. I mixed the water and supplement and found that it was turning a red color. She had given me the cherry gelatin mix. Ok, disgusting! So, after dinner I was still craving something chocolate so I go to dairy queen. I asked if they had hard dipped ice cream and the girl said "yes, but only in chocolate". If you all could have seen my face you would have thought I was 11 years old getting four scoops of chocolate ice cream at the old DQ in Morehead. I asked her if she could make it into a milkshake and proceed to tell her that I like my milkshakes thick. She was like "Sure". I get my milkshake and get into the car. I take a sip to find that it was vanilla soft serve with little chocolate pieces in it. I get out of the car and ask her if this was "chocolate hard dipped ice cream" she looked at me as though I was an idiot and said, "YES". I left. I know what hard dipped ice cream looks like and taste like and this is SOOO not it. Well, I was not going to be out done. I decided I would go to Arbys and get a Jomoca shake. I wait in the long line at Arbys, as usual, get my shake and head back to the Hotel. It's seriously not my day. The milkshake doesn't even have a taste! At this point I had given up, I would just get my 100 calorie bar and be done with it. I walked into the hotel pissed and annoyed, but only to be thrilled, excited, and satisfied. There on the front counter were WARM CHOCHOLATE CHIP COOKIES! Thank you god!

I have decided that no one can make a milkshake as good as my papaw. Therefore, I will not get my hopes up for a milkshake anymore!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Wedding planning...

It seems as though the wedding planning is coming right a long. I found my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses this past weekend at a local dress store in Morehead. I'm so happy that I was able to find everything that I was looking for locally! It seems as though my wedding party continues to get bigger, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm so excited! The next big step would be the cake tasting...Now, I already know who I want to do the cake and what flavor(s) that I want, but it is a RULE that you go cake tasting. I mean, I love CAKE and this lady who owns SugarForce, can make some incredible cakes! So, needless to say Brian and I will make a special trip to SugarForce.

I need some support from my fellow readers...Brian believes that it would be "awesome" if all the groomsmen including himself grow mustaches for the wedding. I know he's not serious, but he could be? That is the awful part, I don't know! You never know with these boys what they will do.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I have great news! Brian and I have floor seats to go see one of my favorite country music bands, Sugarland! I am so excited! We are going with some of our friends!! The first time I saw Sugarland was in Winchester at one of their local fairs and they were amazing then! I cannot wait!