Thursday, October 30, 2008

update on Charlie.

As most of you know, Charlie has been very sick the past couple weeks. He was losing weight, not eating and sleeping all day. After realizing these symptoms we figured it was time to call the vet. He had tape worms, hook worms, and round worms. This explained his lack of appetite and energy. We got him on the meds and after a week still saw no change. So, that Friday I took him back to the Vet where i stayed for four hours to hear the news that Charlie could possibly have 1 of 3 things wrong with him. Kidney failure, tumor, or addisons disease. When i asked my options, I realized I could not afford to any of the treatment options. Unfortunantely, Brian was teaching class and was not there with me. Needless to say I was crying like a big baby and I was by myself and I could hear Charlie barking in the background. To make a long story short we decided to do an ultra sound and found out that he has Addisons Disease. It is very rare for puppys to be diagnosed at such a young age it usually takes several years. We were so excited! Granted we don't want our dog to have a disease, but we will take that over kidney failure! He will take a pill everyday and a shot once a month. He is now eating regularly and gaining weight. His energy is back to where it used to be and things are going great!
I will post pictures of him soon!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Betty Crocker and Charlie

Part of my job is to bring in samples from the Thin and Healthy recipe book for our members to try. I was worried at first because I've tried cooking and failed every time. So, for the first weeks of "goody days"I brought in desserts. I mean those are the only things I'm good at and there are plenty of recipes in the cookbook. But once someone mentioned that "you loving making desserts" I figured it's probably time for me to start changing it up. I have made several different dinner dishes and they have been very successful. People in my office call me Betty Crocker! I'm so proud of myself. Maybe Brian won't starve after all!

Update on Charlie! He is growing right before our eyes. I love him like I would love my child. I look forward to coming home at lunch and after work to see him. He loves to chew on anything he can and we are patiently teaching him not to do that but it's going to take time. His hair has finally grown back and he is healthy. His training classes are going great. Well, we have only had one. I must say I was a proud parent at his first class because he caught on quicker than any other dog! That's my BOY!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What's up with all the booing?

While at the UK football game today, I thought of a blog post that must be written. Now, for all of you who know me, know that I'm not that into football. I enjoy going to the game getting my diet coke, water, and kettle corn. It keeps me occupied till at least the 3rd quarter where at that point I'm usually ready to go home. But, I know that there is no way that would ever happen. No matter what the score you know that Brian and I will still be at the game till the clock reads 0:00. Once we head out of the stadium I over hear thousands of complaining or excited UK fans. Brian is usually one of the many speaking his mind. Poor thing usually has me to confide in and lord knows I have no idea what went on. I just know whether we won or lost. I make sure to let him know that I'm paying attention by the occasional nod of the head or "oh yeah totally, I know". But then he usually realizes that I really don't care, it's just a game, and he'll call his dad who seems to be able to complain right a long with him.

So, the point of this blog is how low can UK fans really be? During the 4th quarter with the sun beating down on my pale skin, something caught my attention. It was the booing of the crowd. Once again Hartline threw another bad pass. Seriously, is it necessary to boo our own quarterback? Bless his little heart, he is trying his best and the least we could do as fans is boo under our breath, not out loud. No wonder the kid can't complete a pass because no one believes in him. We've got the deal with what we got and pray things getting better. I mean the kid is only a sophomore (red shirt). So, there are my views on UK football!

I'm going to leave you all with an important question. Should our wedding cake be square or round? Please answer in the poll on the right hand side of the page.