Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 Today we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary. I can't believe how time flies when you are having fun! ;) It has been an amazing day! We had a lovely dinner, exchanged gifts and cards.

It is a tradition, every year, to read from our "anniversary" book we got from The Scotts (Ed and Marge). It is one of our favorite gifts we received from our wedding. It sits on our bookshelf year around. Naturally, I am dying to read ALL of the "gifts/quotes" for the years to come, but I must wait. Here is what it says about the 3rd anniversary.

First paragraph, last line...."whenever you're right, shut up!" Brian take the hint....

Brian is so good about following by the book. Me? Not so much.

I got 2 new black leather "clutch" purses. He out did himself this year. 

After Brian returned from his work trip in the Turks and Caicos ( lets all take a moment and feel sorry for him...) he claimed he was on a "crash diet". I got him a months worth of personal training to help him jump start his weight loss goal. ;)  

The best part of the day was Brian lip-syncing and dancing in the kitchen to "What makes you beautiful". He learned all the words. The 3rd time around he finally got it right! ;) 

There is never a dull moment in this house....and I like it that way.

Here is to many more anniversaries!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My BFF is moving to Denver. I am very, very sad. But, I know they will be so happy up in the mountains. We hosted a little get together for them this eveing! Unlike my mom, I am not a great cook. But thankfully, I am a genius and ordered Qdoba catering! ;)  Here are a few photos I snapped through out the night. 

 Allie, Tia, Maggie and Karla

We had a great crowd!!!

We celebrated with Tia's famous  raspberry chocolate brownie mousse cup. This is one of my favorite desserts she makes. Naturally, she had to make something for her own party. This is affecting my life too. This was more a Gonsior goodbye/pity party for Amanda. 

The big boy had some friends over too.

Just hold hands, already! 

We had a little girl talk on the bed.

Frames and Pictures! We had fun with these. I made all the guest take a picture with the frame above with a Polaroid camera and then write a little note for Zac and Tia.

This was supposed to be a serious face picture (Tia's idea). Clearly, we both failed on the "serious" part. 

I knew this time would come and it's as hard as I imagined it would be. Zac, Tia and Logan are our "okc family" we will miss them dearly. Thankfully, we are going out in September and November. I am terrible at "good-byes". When I go home, I deliberately do not say it to my family. I am way too emotional. This is no different. My heart aches and they are not even gone yet. 

 I will end it with this... I am so thankful for the day I dripped sweat into Tia's mouth, while spotting her in our workout class (True can't make that up!). It was extremely embarrassing, but surprisingly sparked a true friendship! We love you, we will miss you and your cupcakes!! :)

Until next time...