Monday, April 16, 2012


This past weekend we headed down to Atlanta for Lehne and Drew's Wedding. 

Clearly, Brian had to make some type of statement with his facial hair.

It was so nice to see Tess, Lehne's roommate from UK, she is just as sweet as EVER! It was also nice to hear a "country" accent beside my own. ;)

After an early flight to Atlanta, Brian decided he probably needed some coffee. Only, he ordered a latte. Same thing, right?

We walked around the Chattahoochee River.  

Looking good in his suit!


I think we clean up rather nicely. 

Mr. and Mrs. Drew George during their first dance.

The maid of honor "Iced" the groom.

And to the brides surprise...she got "Iced" too!

Congrats Lehne! (I hate this photo of me, but it is the only one we got with the bride. So, I am taking one for the team.)

Made some new friends at the wedding!

Brian and Talley (Lehne's sister)

It was a short trip, but lots of fun. We visited the World of Coca-Cola, Centennial Park and had lunch at Varsity (a staple restaurant in atlanta). We scored some awesome ski pants for Brian at REI and I got to walk through the Container store. All in all, a great trip! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My sister is having a little "giveaway" this Friday. Check out her blog for details.

Friday, April 6, 2012

New "Blue" Orleans

Brian and I made a last minute decision to go to the Final Four. We booked our hotel room, purchased our tickets on Friday morning and headed out a few hours later. The joys of being able to "drop and go" at a moments notice.


 I'm not sure if we were more excited to see this little guy or watch the ball games ;)

Check out that smirk!!!

We had oysters at Drago's. They are as nasty as I expected them to be. Why do I let people convince me to try things?  But Brian and Ben really liked the charbroiled oysters.

Here we all are before the big rival game against Louisville!

 Our "last" minute ticket purchase got us 4 rows from the back of the dome.
Note: it holds 75,000 people.

But not to worry, we managed to get into a suite for Saturday nights game.

Mikki and I in the FedEx suite.

Brian and I took the Street Car into the French Quarter. The homes are beautiful on St. Charles.

It would not be a trip to NOLA if we did not visit Bourbon Street. We managed to stop for a few drinks along the strip. 

...and show some skin for some beads.
I "helped" Jen out and got her some beads.... ;) (if you got them, flaunt them....or that is what they tell me...)

 Waiting in line (45 minutes) for the famous beignets (French donuts) from Cafe du Monde.

 While I would like to say we were "strolling hand in hand through the French quarter, we stumbled upon a UK pep rally", that would be a lie. I was a hot sweaty mess (I had to wear black in order to not show sweat.).  There is nothing romantic about  having sweat run down every crack and crevasse on your body.  None the less, I sweated and cheered on our cats!

 Here we are standing in front of St. Louis Cathedral 

What a little trooper Sam was on our trip. Here he is getting some aunt and uncle time and listening to his new favorite band, The Avett Brothers.

 Brian and Sam

We decided it was necessary for an evening treat of beignets, on the river, while listening to Jimmy Buffett's free concert.

One of Brian's co-workers, who is from the area, recommended "Mothers". It was by far the best meal we had in NOLA.

Here is a picture of the Po'Boy Brian and I shared. It is their Famous Ferdi Special. It has pot roast debris, roast beef, ham, gravy, cabbage, mayo, Creole mustard and pickles. Is your mouth watering? Because mine is...

Although you cannot tell, I have changed out of my sweaty shirt and put on my Kentucky shirt for the Championship game! (This is right before a huge thunderstorm.)

We won!!!

So happy to experience a national championship victory. 

I insisted that Jen and Ben take a photo together after the big win. Jen holding up a #1 and Ben #2 he did not seem to see the humor....I did! HAA.  All joking aside, Ben was calm and he knew who the best team was this year (and every year) ;)!!! Great run Kansas, but better luck next or...or maybe not! 

"Fear the brow"

What an AMAZING trip. So thankful we were able to go and spend time with family and see the CATS big win.