Friday, June 29, 2012

Big day!

It has been a big day for Carmen. After 8 years, she can finally hang out with her dad like a normal 11 year old. Here's to lots of catching up and second chances. 

Welcome home RD!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Water Dog

Hudson has been taking swim lessons all summer. As most of you know, we are a family full of lifeguards. Some might think we are crazy, but we believe the sooner they are in the water the better. And that does not mean just splashing means going under. Here is a photo of Hudson underwater during his swim lesson this week. He knows how to hold his breath, but has not figured out to shut his eyes. ;) 

On another note, I am so homesick. I have not been home since Christmas. Thankfully, my whole family is coming out in July and we are headed back east in August. I don't know that I can wait that long....