Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baptism and reality tv

I just got back from a nice long getaway.  It's always so much fun to hang out with the bf, especially since she left me here in Oklahoma to fend for myself. Ha! Brian could only get away for a few days, but was nice to have the 4 of us back together. It was like old times.  This was a special trip. Little Benny-boo-boo was getting baptized and we were so honored to be asked to be his Godparents. 

While Logan was in school, Ben had lunch with the girls.  I'm almost positive he loved all the chatting about celebrity gossip, our plans for Sundance 2014 (let's be honest, he may take part in next years craziness. We need him on top of his A game.) and our next trip to NYC. 

Have I told you how much I love Golden, CO? Well, I do. It reminds me a lot of home. It has the small town feel that I love and miss at times. The Church is located downtown and is beautiful.
During most of the service Tia had to walk around with Ben because he was fussy. I'm pretty sure he was upset because he was wearing a gown. I mean, can you blame him? ;) 

The service was good. I was situated in the middle of Brian and Zac, which I would later realize was not to my advantage. The Priest started talking about popular television programs. In my mind, I was was thinking oh yeah, I wonder if he will mention any of my shows? Gossip girl, all the real housewives series and possibly Pretty Little Lairs. I knew I liked this church. But.... unfortunately, there is a but to this story. He went on to say, "reality tv is just as bad as porn."  
Say, WHAT?! 
At that moment, two adult men (on each side of me) gave me a "lecture stare" ( I just made that little phrase up and it describes the scene perfectly). They both chimed in their comments, "Amanda, you need to listen to this", "see even the priest says it's trash", "Tia needs to be in here listening to this..."
Give a girl a break. 

And here is my response:

None of my shows do I/you: 

1. Have to be 18 years or older.

2. Have nudity warnings.

3. Watch people engage in sexual activity without clothes on (maybe some books I read, but we're not talking about books here.)

4. Have to be PURCHASED. (Technically, I'm saving you money. You're welcome.)

You can't compare the two. 

End of discussion. 

Enough about that and on to what the night was really about, Ben.
He did great and was snoozing before we left the church.

We started off as terrible GP because we forgot to snap a photo at the church. 
I blame Brian and Zac. They were to busy lecturing us...
I hope he will forgive us! :) 

He's a natural! 

Two men and a girl. 

Such a great time with some great friends!

Monday, February 25, 2013

"Target does it again"

Who puts donuts at the entrance of a store?
While grabbing a sanitizing wipe for my hands, I browsed the donut selection. Thinking I was only talking to Tia, I said ," why do they do this to us? It's a good thing they don't have chocolate covered donuts..." The girl behind us chimed in on the conversation agreeing that this is not their normal spot. I, of course, agreed. They are normally in the bakery section only to find out she was talking about the sanitizing wipes.

I should have known the tall, skinny (could be a model) would not be the least bit interested in the delicious donuts that welcomed her.
Clearly, Target markets people like myself and Tia. We are just thankful they did not move the concession stand (#1 combo) with the donuts or else we would have not been able to resist.

If you have Instagram on your phone and you are a wannabe "hipster" follow "targetdoesitagain". This girl picks outfits from target and posts them. I love it. She has some great outfit ideas and they are affordable (hello target red card. I should get paid for this advertisement) Especially if you're 6 foot tall and weigh 120 pounds you will look great in all her outfits. But for us "thick - thunder thighs" girls, some of her outfits are questionable. I normally just stick with the tops. Ha! Check her out!


Monday, February 11, 2013

New car?

The Audi has been having some trouble as of late. We took it to the shop and found out it would cost around $1, 100 dollars to fix. The local shop we always take it to does not have the tools to fix it. We are left with a dilemma... do we fix it or get rid of it? We have said for the last few years we will not put anymore money into this car. It has been a great car for us, but we don't want to spend more than we (ed and ann) paid for it :).

Brian called me to "discuss" whether we should donate the car and purchase a cheap car for him to drive. I called my dad, he called his dad and we still did not have any answers. We needed one of the two to say, "fix the car" or "get rid of the car". Ugh! I hate being an adult and making these decisions. I'd rather someone else.  But then, Brian made the decision very, very easy for me. Here's what happened:

Brian: I have been thinking. I don't think it is necessary to purchase a cheap $5000 car. I think it might be smarter to go ahead and purchase the "next" car we would eventually get and get a head start on paying it off before kids.

Me: I see your point. Just make sure your SUBARU has leather.

Brian: I was actually talking about a mini-van.

This is when I reminded him that I am a 26 year old female with no kids, not even pregnant or even trying to get pregnant.

Marriage is all about compromise  I told him if we went ahead and started "trying" then I would be ok with getting a mini-van. His response, "No".

The Audi is getting fixed.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Snow day!

Hudson loves the snow!

Friday, February 1, 2013


Charlie had two seizure within 5 hours of each other. 
It literally has me a nervous wreck. 
They still do not want to put him on his seizure medicine because it is so hard on the liver. 
The plan now is to up his current meds that he takes for his Addison's disease. This is our last resort. We will see how he does for the next week and if he is still having them, we will start on the seizure pills. 
Poor baby, boy! I just love him so much. I hate seeing him like this. Hard on his momma!