Saturday, June 20, 2009

Engagement Party!

A couple weekends ago we went to Ashland for one of our friends engagement party. They played a game and the boys had to name all kitchen utensils that they were shown and the girls had to name tools. Brian was the only one that named each piece correctly! SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!! I was such a proud 'wife' hahaha. He won a bottle or red wine and he got to pick out any flower center piece.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Low Carb Diet

After hearing people talk about getting "more protein, less carbs" and actually seeing the results first hand...I have decided to attempt this diet and see if I see any results. After talking about it Ann and Kim (my sister) have decided that we would try it out together. Why not? Originally we were supposed to start this past Sunday. But when I woke up Sunday morning I found Hardees breakfast waiting for me. I thought for sure Ed had went and got it. I gave it a second thought and said to myself I can always start Monday. Everyone usually starts on Mondays anyways. At that moment Ed walks in from work and I discover ANN went out and got it. Her response "we will start at noon". OK in the diet world you do not start at noon. So, the rest of the day I enjoyed carbs once more.

We have all 3 done very well so far. I must say the main reason I wanted to go on this was because I thought it might help me cut out my love for chocolate. Today I stopped by mom and dads house and passed chocolate donuts several times while I was in the kitchen. Before I left I had two bites of it. Man was it AMAZING! Of course I thought I would get away with it without any one knowing. Once I arrived back at Brian's house and walked in Brian goes "is that chocolate on your face?"

I was caught! I Swear I only had two bites!

I was so embarrassed

But would probably do it all over again.

I LOVE Chocolate

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer job!

For the last couple weeks I have been stressing over finding a job. But at the same time being picky. I know that is probably not the best idea with the current state our economy is in...but I was. I could have been a lifeguard again or I could have been a day camp counselor at RCCA. Although on the application at RCCA (Rowan County Christian Academy) I think some of my answers would have been an automatic DECLINE for an I did not even turn it in. Ha.

No need for anyone to worry any longer...I have a job! I am working for the Rowan County Animal Shelter a.k.a. Dog pound. You may wonder what this job entails? I make my own schedule. So, I work 7:30am-2pm (give or take). My morning starts off by meeting the dog warden, Jimmy (super nice guy), at the court house and we head off to the dog pound where we spend about two-three hours cleaning up the shelter. Then the rest of the day we drive around Rowan County picking up stray dogs that people have called in. Jimmy has taken me to parts of Rowan County that I did not even know exist! I LOVE it.

Before my first day of work I was informed by my mom, dad, sisters, Brian, Ed, Ann, and Uncle Jimmy ( the judge) that I was not allowed to take any animals home with me. They act like I would take in a free dog...please!

I think I found Charlies long lost brother who so desperately wants to be with him... does anyone want a black lab?

until next time...
Amanda Scott, Assistant Dog warden

Monday, June 8, 2009

Brian and Amanda Scott

Just wanted to share one of my favorite pictures!