Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthday surprise/final four

The last month has been crazy exciting! Brian surprised me for my birthday by flying my sister down to see. Best gift anyone could ever get me. I love when my family comes to visit. I was sad to see her go, I cried the whole way home. Poor thing stayed at the airport for 7 hours and her flight was canceled. I made the drive back down to get her and she got to stay an extra day. I was so excited.

Brian and I were able to get final four tickets. We headed down to Houston for the big game. We were able to meet up with some friends from Morehead and spend time with them. We had a wonderful time. Wish we could have stayed for the final game, but we had to get back to OKC for work. So happy to be able to say that I have been to the final four.

We all know I am notorious for saying and doing things before I think. This time was no different. We were sitting at the VCU/Butler game. On the big screen, at a timeout, they showed President George Bush Senior and his wife. The next timeout, they showed this guy with all the Butler cheerleaders. I yelled with excitement, pointed at the screen and tried to take a picture of "HUGH HEFNER", or so I thought! After my excitement, I noticed people around me dying with laughter. Brian then informed me (real quietly) that it was George Bush senior. WHOOPS! I died laughing. It was hilarious! It looked just like him. I just assumed old man, nicely dressed and with a bunch of girls was Hugh. I was not quick enough to get a picture.

The laughter does not end there....

My friends dad was talking about going to this restaurant in Houston that sold "Truffles". He was discussing how hard it is to "find" them and how "expensive" they are. He asked me, if I had had them and if I liked them. I, of course, told him I loved them. I didn't realize they were that hard to find. I know several places here in OKC that you can get them. I assumed it would be super easy to find them in Houston. But, what do I know? (HA-nothing apparently)

The conversation kept going about these "truffles". I'm thinking to myself, they can't be that hard to find in Houston. 3 bucks for a little square of wonderfulness is not that bad, if you ask me.

I just continued agreeing with their statements and how "I would LOVE LOVE" to try these truffles out as well. It was at that moment, Brian realized what I was thinking. He leaned over and said, "Amanda, they are not talking about chocolate truffles."

"They're not?"

I had never been so confused in my life. I interrupted the conversation and asked, "you're not talking about chocolate truffles?"

Of course NOT! They started to explain what it is and they lost me at "pigs are the ones who find them". Whatever. I was no longer interested in the conversation.

Truffles will ALWAYS and FOREVER be CHOCOLATE to me.

-A :)