Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Starry Night


What not to do when picking out a puzzle for a fun stay at home date night:

Don't pick one if...

1. It has 2000 pieces.
2. It has several different variations of dark blue, light blue, blue, blue purple, blueish gray...shall I go on?
3. If you will need card table, dinning room table, and kitchen island in order to fit all of the pieces.
4. If you are expecting company and if it is a holiday.

What to expect if you do:

1. You are missing one piece to connect the outer part.
2. Your dog will sneak and eat the pieces. And that is probably where your missing piece went.
3. A lot of cussing about why they are all blue.
4. Eating dinner on the couch.
5. No happy ending...

Currently, over this puzzle.


Sunday, November 6, 2011


Last night we felt a 5.6 earthquake. We had a smaller one the night before, but we were asleep. This must be on every geologist bucket list--experience an earthquake, right? Brian was excited. For the 30 seconds, Brian and I stared at each other, I regret not taking a picture of the smile and excitement on his face. priceless.