Friday, January 30, 2015

What day is it?

Can someone please stop time?
Elliott is almost 11 months old.
I haven't even started planning his first birthday.
Most of my new mom friends have been planning their kids 1st birthdays from the moment 
they arrived.
I'm over here like, 'should I do a white or chocolate cake' for his first cake experience.
Cake is one of my favorite food groups.
I can't take this too lightly. 
This will affect him for the rest of his life. 
Tough parenting decisions are going on here. 
Maybe I should take it to a vote?
What do you think? Chocolate or White?
Chocolate it is...thanks for the help.
Then it's on to icing....light and fluffy or thick and dense. 
Too many decisions....too many.

I've been a terrible blogger.
Who knew parenting would take up so much time? ha
I hope to start blogging a little more.
I just got back from my first girls trip (since having E)
 and have a lot of fun photos and stories to tell.
I will also try and keep you updated on this cute little guy as well. 
Here is our little bug Christmas morning.