Monday, July 4, 2011

Holiday Weekend!

Yes, he did...wear this to work.

Hudson and Chase going for a swim. Hudson loves the water. Future lifeguard.

Just had his first taste of chocolate milkshake. Loved it! That's my boy!

Hudson and aunt manda! I couldn't get enough of him. Sweetest baby!

Such a happy baby!

Kim, Chase, Hudson, Mikki and Aaron came down for a long weekend. I LOVE when we have visitors. So, to all our readers (all 10 of you) please come visit. OKC weather did not disappoint. It was 105 degrees every day that they were here. One day it reached 109. It was awful. We spent most of our time at the pool or inside. I captured a few pictures from the weekend. Our camera has seen its better days and is no longer working.

I enjoyed spending time with the little huddy buddy. His aunt manda took him shopping to baby gap and got him a dancing elmo. He is getting so big. Makes me sad to know, the next time I see him, he will probably be walking. Thank goodness for videos and pictures that allow me to experience all his new milestones.

Happy birthday Charlie and America!!!!!!!!

This is Charlie right after everyone left. He was worn out. He did great with Hudson. He was a little jealous, but by the end of the trip, he was letting Hudson pet and love on him. Charlie would cry when Hudson would cry. It was funny. He destroyed several of Hudson's toys. No surprise there. Any ball is his ball. :)

Happy birthday to the big boy! 3 years old!