Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sneak peak..

Abby and I are in key west for the week. With all the fresh seafood restaurants, I order thanksgiving dinner. Amazing! Abby ordered oysters. Yuck!

Friday, August 17, 2012


The last couple weeks Charlie has had some signs of fainting. His front legs almost collapse and he is disoriented for a few seconds. We figured it was probably just heat exhaustion, but when it happened in Kentucky, we thought we better have it checked out.

The vet kept him for most of the day. They did blood work, electrolytes and abdominal x-rays. (note to self: listen to in-laws when they say pets are expensive.) He is border line of having low blood sugar, which would explain his fainting episodes. He will be put back on his prednisone daily. This will hopefully help. His x-rays came back normal, but they did notice he has a small liver for a dog his size. She said it is not a bad thing, but good to know in case any other issues in the future come up. And they will. She let me know that with his monthly shot and daily pill it will drastically shorten his life span. Although we already knew this, it still stings a little having someone actually confirm it.

I now feel he is on hospice. Lots of Peanut butter is in his future. Brian and I are sharing his side of the bed so Charlie can have mine.

I'm sure he has a good 5 years left or
More and I'm being over dramatic, but i need him to live a long, long time! I adore him. Even if he is the most expensive dog!! He is my buddy!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Step by Step

Ann made a delish peanut butter chocolate cake while we were in Kentucky. I LOVED it so much I decided I need to make it. I documented the most important steps and I 
will show you how it turned out. 
I decided that I would be very particular and really read the directions. Not skip one step. I was not going to let my, self diagnosed, dyslexia/ADD get in the way of me making this cake.

First things first. Taste the batter to make sure it's good.
After 3 good "finger licking" tests, I figured it was good to go.

Then you must taste the peanut butter frosting. I tasted it several times.
You may need to taste more. It just depends on the baker.... ;)
In the directions on the website, it said to use wax paper and Ann used "tabs" to help get the cake out.
Clearly, I had no clue what that meant. Lets just say, the wax paper baked
 into the sides of the cake. But it was easy to peel off once it cooled. And I only lost a quarter
of an inch off the sides of all 3 cakes. HA!

Then it was time to frost the cake. I did not get the cake perfectly lined up because all the
 sides of all the cakes were gone (oops!).  
And that would be why it is leaning. But, I thought I could fix it with icing....
Then we put on the chocolate peanut butter drizzle.

Looks the same, right?!

Then it split right down in the middle. And no, I did not do that with a knife.
This cake has a mind of its own.

Chocolate "hot mess" Peanut Butter cake (from scratch, clearly)

Portion of the fallen cake. Bless it.

Well, it may not be pretty or score me a spot on the food network; but, it sure was delicious! 

                                                        Click HERE for the recipe.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lake Lewman

We made a trip out to Lake Lewman while in Kentucky. We realized how much we take for granted  back home. Oklahoma does not have this to offer...  We decided to snap a few photos along the way. 

This is one of my favorite photos I captured. It almost looks professional, right? (Humor me, please! ;))

This picture is for Jennifer. When she was younger she had to be woken up to  "horsies on the barn".

Picture of the lake

Charlie and his stick.

My first time fishing without bread. Caught my first fish on my second cast. 

 Granddad got one too!

Brian's catch. 

Granddad waiting on his ride back up to the house.

Brian and Granddad

The fishing trip was a success, if you ask me. They guys on the other hand...not so much. The most inexperienced fisherwomen (that would be ME) caught 4 to their 2 fish. Who knew fishing without bread or hot dogs could be so fun. Maybe I need to 'tag' along on the next guys fishing trips. ;)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

After 30 minutes around each other. This is how I found them. 

I have tried for two weeks to develop a relationship with him. I can barley hold him without him screaming.

I can only assume he likes boys better than girls. I am pretty sure that is written down somewhere a medical journal. Because there is  no way Hudson likes Brian better than me. So, this is the only logical explanation. ;)