Monday, February 2, 2015

Sundance and the nursing mom.

This past week I had my first girls trip since having baby E. 
It would be a lie to describe my trip as: relaxing, restful and/or peaceful.
It was anything but that...and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

After a two year hiatus (she had a baby and then I had a baby),
The dynamic duo were back together. 
We hit the streets of Park City, Utah for Sundance 2015. 
It was exciting, crazy, exhausting to say the least. 
I just realized, I have chocolate in my teeth. Why? Because I had
Chocolate for breakfast. 

This year was different than any other year for a couple of reasons:
First, it was just the two of us.
 No husbands, which was nice because we had no time for their long lectures of how inappropriate we behave and how they will not bail us out of jail.   
Second, I had to stop every four hours and pump. 
This meant pumping wherever...the town lift bathroom, the box office and a few
(lucky) times in our hotel room.
For my first pumping session, I landed in the town lift bathroom.
On my way to the restroom, I just so happened to pass Adrian Grenier. 
Whom I high-fived on my way into the restroom.
Because why not?
Adrian Grenier:
 Best known for his role in Entourage and Devil Wears Prada.

It wasn't until I got into the stall, got everything unpacked, that I realized I did not have
all my pieces for my double pump. 
This meant pumping one at a time.
Double the time.
I died. 
I had to make the best of a shitty situation (no pun intended), I found
this experience hilarious. 
It was a 3 person stall,
we were up close and personal...on levels that I did not want to be.
Let me set the scene:
Young girls walk in chatting about who knows what.
Both sit down to use the restroom.
It is important to add that I choose to use the middle stall.
Girls still talking to each other.
Finally, "what's that noise?"
For those pumpers out there, you know a pump when you hear one.
Whomp, whomp, whomp... 
I giggle inside and inform them I am pumping.
No response.

My favorite story is the old lady (I assume, I couldn't see her), whom sat down in
the stall next to me. I guess, technically, everyone sat down next to me. 
She was doing her business, when she says, "is that a breast pump I hear?"
I laugh and say, yes.
We continue with our stall to stall conversation.
All the while doing her business.
Here is what I learned:
1. Her daughter was currently pumping.
2. She knows that sound anywhere.
3. She had to use a manual pump.
4. It took forever.
5. "Technology these days."
6. Price of different pumps.
7. You are doing a great thing for your baby.
Just to name a few.

We ended our conversation and I told her to tell her daughter to keep up the good work.

I don't even know how to start this next story other than to just come out and say it.
As women, for some reason, when we need "to go" to the bathroom
we always hope no one is in there. 
At least I do.
And if there is, we tend to wait for a "flush", "hand dryer" or for that person to leave.
Sadly, I was camped out (middle stall..dumb) in the restroom for 30 minutes.  
No one was getting away from me. 
Or I wasn't getting away from anyone, depending on how you see it.
That's a long time to hold anything "in" when you're sitting on the toilet. 
Once she let it out, I'm sure she was embarrassed, but relieved.
At least she got to leave.
 It was at that point, I felt like a cow.
Stuck in a stall being milked, 
surrounded by shit.
Motherhood at its finest. 

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