Monday, February 9, 2015

Sick Day

The last two times we have secured a babysitter,
it seems as though E comes down with a stomach bug.
It's one of the many times we wish we had family near.
Naturally, this past Saturday it happened again. 
We should have seen the writing on the wall
 when all he wanted to do was be held.
He is not a cuddly baby. 
Although, we hate him being sick, we did enjoy
the snuggling and napping on our chest.

I captured this from our bedroom. 
It is not great quality, but it was picture that had to be taken.
So sweet.

This was followed by vomiting EVERYWHERE ( multiple times all over me).
and a fever. 
I'll just say, our floors have never been so clean. ;) 
It was a rough 24 hours for our little guy,
but I am happy to announce he is so much better.

We finally were able to enjoy the OKC Spring like weather. 

We celebrated with a pizza party outside.

And this is what Charlie thought about us not
sharing our pizza.

Side note: Elliott totally sat down to watch Charlie do his "business". 
It was too funny not to capture it. 

Here's to hoping for a full recovery and a date night soon.

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